Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services

Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide practical assistance to support and encourage individuals to start a business as a way to create their own job. The fully funded program is a federal government initiative managed by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide a range of free services, including, but not limited to:

Promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship among all individuals by providing information and advice about entrepreneurship and starting and running a business to clients, community organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

Providing tailored mentoring and assistance to individuals. This includes facilitating interactive engagements to provide information and advice (such as workshops and networking events) and providing mentoring assistance and advice.

Linking and referring individuals to appropriate services that will help them start and run their own business, including New Business Assistance with NEIS.

The Facilitator will also develop and maintain productive working relationships with key stakeholders in their location.

The Facilitators have a focus on encouraging entrepreneurship among:

  • mature age Australians, including those at risk of unemployment due to structural changes in the economy in the 20 additional locations from January 2019

  • young people in Cairns, the Hunter Valley (including Newcastle), and Launceston and North-East Tasmania.

Who can access services?

Anyone wanting to start their own business can access services. In Gippsland, the Entrepreneurship Facilitator program is run under Work My Own Way. Learn More >


To move to appeal to a less formal small business and freelancer cohort and appear less ´governmenty´, the Gippsland program has rebranded as ‘Work My Own Way’ - www.WorkMyOwnWay.com.au


Entrepreneurship Facilitator contact details

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are delivering services in 20 new locations across Australia from January 2019. You can contact the Gippsland team through their website or find a service near you from the government website.