Log a Tech support ticket

We use a cloud based technical support logging system. This system helps us manage parts, travel and time. It ensures nothing gets over looked and you, our valued client, get the best service we can offer. If you call us directly, we will be using this system to log your call. You can also instantly check on the progress of your job online at anytime.



We can repair tablets, laptops and PCs. We can fix most items from installing software to upgrading old hardware. For example, we can replace an old slow mechanical HDD with a new solid state Hard Drive, giving new life to old computers and laptops. We can generally assist you with most information technology when it breaks. 



When things don't go as they should, we are here to back you up. Using TeamViewer, a screen share program, we are able to guide you through a process or jump right on in remotely on your desktop.


Sales and INstallations

Once we understand your needs, we can quote, purchase, configure, install and maintain your computer(s). Be it a personal computer for your home use or an office network with multiple workstations, we can help you.