Online is Easy is a consultancy that brings together talented people to deliver best value, best practice, enthusiasm and innovation. We do what we are good at and we partner or refer to others who excel in their respective fields. This means you get the best possible outcome and the best value for money - you are able to directly engage people with experience and credibility in their fields to build a complete and professional solution (or I'll do it for you!). 


We choose the Squarespace platform over others for it's ease of use for small business and not for profits. It's website template builder without looking like a template. Squarespace removes your need to deeply understand hosting, HTML code or SEO and works seamlessly with Google My Business to ensure you are found in search. We've been using Squarespace for many of our client sites since 2014.

In May 2018 we were invited to become a Squarespace Authorised Trainer and as such if you allow us to assist you we can offer you 6 month trial + 20% discount on your first year. Or you can sign up yourself by clicking on the 'Authorised Trainer" badge to the left.

This discount applies to the first payment on a new Website or Commerce plan on an annual billing cycle. The discount doesn't apply to future renewals, reactivations, upgrades, or downgrades. The discount isn’t valid in combination with other offers.

If you've already signed up for a 14 day free trial...

... but would still like to work with us, we can still offer you 20% Off your first payment on a new Website or Commerce plan on either annual or monthly cycles.

To add an offer code when upgrading to paid service on a website or online store:

  1. Click Upgrade Now at the bottom of the screen. Select a plan and billing cycle. To

  2. learn more, visit Choosing the right Squarespace plan.

  3. Scroll down and click Enter an offer code.

  4. Enter the code in the field.

  5. Click Apply. You'll see the new total and the discount applied.

  6. Ensure the amount is correct, then click Subscribe to complete the purchase.

  7. This discount will only apply to the first payment made to a new paid account.

This discount applies to the first payment on a new Website or Commerce plan on either annual or monthly cycles. The discount doesn't apply to future renewals, reactivations, upgrades, or downgrades. The discount isn’t valid in combination with other offers.


Would you like 'Rocky' to visit you?

Anthony is a Consultant to the Think.Digital team with #GippslandDigital and other digital literacy programs.

Think.Digital are the creators of "Rocky", a hi-tech purpose-built 14 metre mobile classroom (bus) that is “Teaching Tomorrow’s Technology Today”.  Through engaging hands-on digital experiences, education and entertainment to Regional, Rural and Remote Australia. 

Digital Coach Project aims to build the digital skills and confidence of Regional, Rural and Remote Australians through engaging, hands-on delivery of digital education, experiences and entertainment.


Vast numbers of people in Rural, Regional and Remote communities are being left behind in the rapidly evolving digital world. Distance is one of the perceived barriers, so we’re driving education to the people.

The opportunities that the Digital world brings to the people in the bush are tantalisingly close; Digital education enfranchises and empowers people to confidently access technology to improve their prospects and strengthen social and economic participation.

If you would like the #ThinkDigitalCoach to visit you contact Tim or Gary below.

The Digital Coach Project is unique and necessary; no one else is doing this!


A creative approach to design

Tracey’s has a creative approach to design, offering practical but unique solutions. She brings a new dimension to every project.

Being a designer for 25 years, Tracey understands and respects that the client's bottom line is important and strives to supply a professional outcome.


Whether at home or work Tracey is a perfectionist, her eye for detail is evident, she listens to and understands what the client requires and offers the right creative solution.

Contact Tracey directly on (03) 9376 0946 or click on the above logo to go to her website.


Website Legal Package

Compliance under Australian Law requires accurate legal notices on your website. The correct legal notices not only mean you are compliant but they reduce your liability and risk. is an Australian owned and run Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP) registered with ASIC and regulated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.

Our partnership with Legal123 means we create a website for you that is compliant by including the following three legal notices:

  • Privacy Policy,

  • Website Disclaimer and

  • Terms & Conditions.

If you sell online, you will also need to consider your refund and returns policy and maybe set delivery expectations.

Click the Online is Easy affiliate link here or on the Legal123 logo above to sign yourself up, otherwise, leave it to Online is Easy and we'll do it for you.

The Website Legals Package is $175 inc.GST and provides you with personalised legal content and, because Australian Consumer and Privacy law is constantly changing, free updates are also included.

If you require specific information you can contact Legal123 directly on (02) 8003 7317 for a tailored quote.