Legal liability and compliance

Website Legal Package

Compliance under Australian Law requires accurate legal notices on your website. The correct legal notices not only mean you are compliant but they reduce your liability and risk (see the graphic below).

Our partnership with Legal123 means that you comply by including the following three legal notices on your website:

  • Privacy Policy,

  • Website Disclaimer and

  • Terms & Conditions.

If you sell online, you will also need to consider your refund and returns policy and set delivery expectations?

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Website legals are necessary and best practice. is a full-service Australian owned and run law firm specialising in online business and is an Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP) registered with ASIC and regulated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner. 

The Website Legals Package is $175 inc.GST and provides you with personalised legal content and, because Australian Consumer and Privacy law is constantly changing, free updates are also included.

If you require specific information you can contact Legal123 directly on (02) 8003 7317 for a tailored quote. 

“What legals do I need for my website?” is one of the most frequent questions we get here at Legal123. So to help answer this question we created this colourful Infographic. Answer the 6 simple questions and you’ll know exactly what legals you need to post on your website. (Or use our super simple Website Legal Package.)

Worked out what you need?

Now go to Legal123, enter your own business details and they'll email you directly with the information needed to limit your liability and make your website compliant.