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Anthony created Online is Easy in 2014

Anthony created Online is Easy in 2014

More specifically, Why choose Anthony ...

With a penchant for anything technical, Anthony brings existing and emerging technologies together with best practice, budget capacity and human capability. He mixes it all up with a dash of leadership, entrepreneurship, good humour and lots and lots of hands on business experience.

From instant online payment options to cloud hosted email synced on all your devices and from web design to social media marketing to app integration, Anthony brings big business digital strategy to SME’s and he makes it easy for them to understand and manage themselves.

Connecting people with cloud based CRM tools, web solutions, extending digital reach and targeting, Anthony is a freelance consultant who helps small business and community groups access innovate online digital tools.

Through Online is Easy, Anthony and his amazing network of skilled associates combine their powers to offer best practice solutions.

Consultation, training & implementation to keep people and businesses connected with leading technology, software and streamlined business processes.

Anthony is involved in other business ventures and is trusted in business and the community. He works to understand your organisation and then does the research to fit suitable solutions.

We connect people  and small businesses with cloud based systems.

Content Management Systems (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that offer a complete web solutions. We extending digital reach and targeting and put small businesses on the map with big business.

What can we actually do?

  • Image Sourcing
  • Target Marketing
  • Print Management
  • Event Management: Invite, RSVP  and Ticketing
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Google Maps placement
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Video Editing & YouTube Ads


CLOUD SOlutions

leading innovation without the growing pains...

We research and compare products and we assess them based on your business needs. 

No hassle. No fuss. Leading innovations in cloud technology implemented into your business without you needing to technically understand it. Our training and support means you get all the benefits without the growing pains.


Helping you get on with the business of your business.

No more researching the latest 3rd party software; we do it for you.
We know the ins & outs.
We take out the confusion and remove the hype.
We deliver a result that brings technology into your business without the headaches.


Partnerships and Referral 

Online is Easy is a consultancy that brings together local and international talent to deliver best value and best practice results. We do what we are good at and we partner or refer to others who excel in their respective fields. This means you get the best possible outcome and the best value for money - you are able to directly engage people with experience and credibility in their fields to build a complete and professional solution (or we do it for you!). 


IT & Comms for Business

Information Technology and Communications Services for Small to Medium Businesses. The local Jacobus team listen. They listen and look to understand your current business challenges, learn your business goals and review your existing systems so that they can provide options and recommendations to ensure optimum technological reliability, efficiency and value.

Contact Eric directly on 0438 594 441 or click on the logo to go to their website.

Website Legal Package

Online businesses should have these 3 legal notices to protect themselves and the Legal123 Website Legal Package includes all of them:

  • Privacy Policy,
  • Website Disclaimer and
  • Terms & Conditions.

Click the Online is Easy affiliate link here or on the Legal123 logo above and receive a $20 rebate off your your final OiE invoice.

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